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What are the options? The cups can be disposable plastic, reusable plastic, disposable biodegradable or reusable from natural materials such as glass, metal. We chose reusable plastic cups because of the research we’ve studied.

lesser use of RESOURCES

Plastic is not our enemy. The plastics industry arose out of the need to find alternatives to the limited amount of natural resources. Replacing all plastics – if possible – with alternative natural materials to be used would mean almost 3.7 times more materials to be used, resulting in 46% more energy expenditure and a 50% increase in greenhouse gas emissions plus the loss of cut forests and dug up
Using biodegradable disposable cups as an alternative to disposable plastic cups could be concidered, but both of these options use valuable resources to produce them and the full amount of energy used for their production, transport and recycling / composting can not be recovered. Research conducted on this occasion also indicated the superiority of reusable cups over biodegradable cups. They’re just more „economical” Read the independent study here


Half of the plastic produced worldwide ends up in products that are used only once. As a result a huge amount of waste is generated. We do not use disposable dishes at home. So why do we have a culture of throwing out elsewhere?
Currently, it is estimated that 500 billion disposable cups are used annually. Plastic is not the problem, but huge amounts of it that are thrown away as rubbish. In Poland, most plastic waste ends up in landfills and is not subject to any recycling processes
Our economy today is generally „linear”. This means that the raw materials are used to make a product and are thrown away after use.
In a circular economy, manufacturers design products that are reusable. For example, devices are designed in such a way that they are easier to repair. Products and raw materials are also reused as much as possible.
Reuse is the only answer to the problem of great volumes of waste.

„The best garbage is the one that has never been created”


Founder and CEO

20 years of work in the beverage industry in the gastro-event channel, most of them in design and management positions.
Recently he has been involved in the creation of the UrCup company. Its purpose is to implement a system of using and reusing reusable plastic packaging.

reusable cups because:

  • we save materials and energy needed to manufacture and use the cups. The amount of waste is also much smaller.
  • The cups are made of durable plastics. Used correctly, they are practically indestructible. They can be washed both in dishwashers and used in microwaves.
  • Safety. Reusable cups are used wherever the use of glass would pose a risk to the safety of places and people.
  • Cleanliness in the event area. We just have more fun in a clean place. Our sense of security and well-being improve.


UrCup was created as a response to the needs of event organizers regarding their need to protect the environment in which we live.
Our idea is to manufacture and distribute reusable cups and other products such as plates, cutlery and cups. Our goal is to offer event organizers the chance to respect the environment and avoid unnecessary plastic residues. That’s why we offer our line of services: from production to rental of personalized cups to washing and storage.

We care for the natural environment

It is no longer necessary to manufacture thousands of disposable cups. With UrCup, each cup can be washed and reused as desired. This reduces the number of dishes needed for use. UrCup has mobile car washes where all cups can be returned and washed. In the case that the cup is unusable, it can be completely recycled upon return. Then it can be used in the production of a new cups or other items.

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