Reusing things is the best thing you can do for Earth right now. Show others how to do it.


It is better to rent our reusable cups than to buy disposable ones that end up in the garbage can.


Our cup is not only a product. We offer support for the entire reusable cup usage system – from A to Z

Problem with washing? No problem! With us, with you, wherever …

A big festival or a small party. We can implement a depository system in all circumstances.

End-to-end service of reusable cups without using your time and resources.


At the end of each day or party cups has to be washed so that they can be used again. Each use of the cup reduces the impact of human presence on the environment.

We can wash the cups both directly at the event or afterwards. For example, pubs, restaurants no longer have to worry about providing equipment and staff for washing them because we can pick up dirty ones every day and replace them with clean ones. We have several such schemes of operation tailored to the specific requirements of the organizer. Our washing systems are optimized for washing reusable plastic cups. They are therefore ecologically and economically optimized in terms of the consumption of water and chemicals.

The cost of washing the cup is only PLN 0.35 net if you own it and PLN 0.45 net if you rent it from us ..

Service packages

We help to plan the necessary logistics. We can help you determine the appropriate deposit value. Determine where and how the cups should be collected. Our participation can be helpful both at the event and outside.
Being at the party, we can:
Deliver clean cups to food stands and pick up dirty ones on a regular basis.
Set up our own collection stand for dirty cups and return the deposit.
Settlement of the venue agents with cups and a deposit
Service costs are always largely dependent on the number of cups required at the party and the scope of the service package. Therefore, we will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable model for your event.

All-inclusive package

For customers who regularly serve drinks, we have comprehensive solutions that allow them to focus on the core of their business and not on side activities that are important to them.
We offer the perfect complete solution in 5 steps:
Production: You purchase a certain number of reusable cups together. With branding according to your wishes.
Warehousing: we store, manage and maintain your inventory.
Delivery: We deliver your cups to the selected location.
Washing: We collect the cups after your event and clean them professionally
Condition check: We constantly monitor the condition of the cups and increase it to the original number.

Say goodbye to your brand association with single-use plastics! Your logo will be on the reusable product in the hands of everyone, showing that you care about the environment!


Using our knowledge, experience and contacts, we will help you find the best solution for you and your customers


We help you to plan the logistics, to specify the required quantities, the deposit amount, the locations of the refund points.


In addition to handling delivery of the cups, we can find everything you might need to make your party a success.


We are able to provide both equipment and HR support for each event planned by you.
Sky’s the limit.